We are commited to providing our
clients with the best
financial solutions,
your company is our priority.

We have debt collections specialists all over the world. with a wide experience and knowledge which allows us to be more cost-effective in commercional debt collection, wherever you trade.

We are specialised in speedy and effective debt collection.



Our success has been built upon:

Maintaining client relationships in strict confidentiality.

Solutions are primarily sought through innovation and negotiation. We avoid litigation wherever possible combining  pre-legal, legal action and full enforcement procedures.

Tailored service that meets with the clients' needs and objective.




Locate hard-to-find debtors​.

Collection prioritization and strategy according to the debt and debtor profiles.

Extrajudicial debt collection.

Judicial debt collection.​



Seek payments for expired debts.

Apply legal pressure to collect payments.

Expert team to identify deviated or hidden funds.

Sue debtors for payment on a debt to obtain a wage garnishment, bank levies or seizure of possessions.

Resell debts it hasn't been able to collect on to obtain your income.

Negotiating payment from your consumer seeking for the higher return on the debt.



Our international team, located across the world is qualified in all aspects from pre-legal collections right through to post insolvency action.

We are providing a quality fast service enabling the right strategic approach to be taken maximising the return.


This means once we have accomplished our funds recovery, we will ask you for an administrative fee according to the debt profile.

                    NO SUCCESS, NO FEE


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